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Dr. Moyal is a father, seminar instructor, author and lecturer with close to three decades of working with patients from 82 Countries, including 5,007 professional, World-Class and Olympic athletes from almost every sport... LEARN MORE

Herniated Discs: A Non Surgical Alternative Treatment

When dealing with herniated, bulging or degenerative discs most patients have been told that surgery is their only option… That simply is NOT the case anymore… LEARN MORE

Ask The Doctors: Tips & Tricks – Simple Home Remedies

At home remedies to help you stay out of doctors offices. Simple things to do for: Headaches, Low Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Infant Colic, and much more... LEARN MORE

Moyal Chiropractic Center in Miami Beach Has You Covered With Major Advantages

chiropractor miami beachYou now have a place to regain your health, improve your performance and prevent “Future Problems.”

At Moyal Chiropractic Center, we recognize that each person that walks in to our office looking for a chiropractor in Miami Beach is at a different place on the road of health or regaining their health. As a result,  we created a State-of-the-Art Facility that can handle a multitude of problems “All in One Place”.  Over the last 27+ years in practice, we have continually searched for ways to improve our skills and find ways to …  [Click Here To Read More]

Having the right tools and keeping up with the newest technology is something that separates us from other centers. miami beach chiropractic tools 

At Moyal Chiropractic, we designed this office with our patient’s best interest in mind and not whether or not insurance companies will reimburse us for having the best, most appropriate tools and latest equipment to use for our patients!  To us if something works and can get patients the results they deserve – then it is our duty to have that equipment available to provide YOU with the best care possible and become your best choice as your Miami Beach Chiropractor…           [Click Here To Read More]

A center that is a leader in Non Surgical Herniated, Bulging and Degenerative Disc Treatment.

herniated disc treatment non surgical in miami beach flMoyal Chiropractic is the only Certified DRS Protocol™ Center in South Florida and the only center to have two Nationally Certified Spinal Decompression Specialists in the State of Florida offering Non Surgical Disc Treatment for Herniated, Bulging, Degenerative Discs, Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis, Tingling, Numbness, even Failed Back Surgery with a very high success rate. We have 5 different Non Surgical Disc Treatment tables to customize the most appropriate treatment for each patient we accept for this care. Followed with a complete innovative core rehab system as the only office in the USA that presently uses it with Herniated Disc Sufferers. When it comers to “out-of-the-box thinking” to get you results - it can be found here at Moyal Chiropractic in Miami Beach… [Click Here To Read More]

Are you an athlete who loves to train or work out?  BUT CAN’T – Don’t worry we’ve got you covered…miami beach sports medicine injury treatment center

With more than 28 years working with Amateur, High School, Collegiate, Professional, World-Class & Olympic Athletes from around the world in almost every sport, we have the experience to handle and figure out a solution for just about any problem that walks into our office, and the abilty to take any athlete and improve his or her performance while decreasing the potential of injury through our proven Moyal Specific 6 step protocol™. This specific system has been used and proven to improve performance in every athlete we have worked with almost instantly. If you are looking for that EXTRA edge to competing and/or trying to figure out answers as to why you are not improving in your training, then you definitely need to contact us…  [Click Here To Read More]

A place where you can feel comfortable that our training and state-of-the-art equipment will be the difference maker in getting you results.

Although, we are located in Miami Beach, many of our patients come to us from all over the World and often as a last resort after having gone from one doctor to another or one chiropractor to another without finding an answer or getting any results with their problem. We’ve built our reputation by solving chronic and difficult cases that other practitioners couldn’t solve until they came to our Miami Beach chiropractic office…  [Click Here To Read More]